Welcome to the web page of the Department of Accounting at the University of Saskatchewan. The Department has had a distinguished tradition since 1915 when it began offering a four-year undergraduate program. Over the years our graduates have played leadership roles in the accounting profession across Canada and around the world-whether it be as partners in major public accounting firms; senior executives in business, industry and government; or leaders in Canadian professional accounting organizations-to a degree that far outweighs our size! Currently, our undergraduate program enjoys the reputation of being one of the top accounting programs in the country, resulting in public accounting firms from across Western Canada perennially coming to recruit our graduates.

Our faculty are diverse, holding PhDs from Lancaster, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas at Austin, Waterloo, Western Ontario, and Wisconsin (Madison). Most are professionally certified. While it is true to say that in the past we have been known mainly for our good teaching, our prowess at research is increasing quickly; in fact, our goal is to have the most productive faculty of any school in Canada not possessing a PhD program. As evidence of our ability, in the last five years faculty have published in: the Journal of Accounting Research; Accounting, Organizations and Society; Behavioral Research in Accounting; Contemporary Accounting Research; and Accounting Horizons. Moreover, as an aid to linking research to practice, we also encourage faculty to publish in professional journals and to be involved in writing textbooks. Currently, one of our faculty members is a co-author of the best selling intermediate financial accounting textbook in Canada. Of course, undertaking research takes time, and one of the strategies adopted by the department is to augment our numbers by employing dedicated, permanent people whose sole focus is on teaching excellence. Over the years we have been fortunate to have obtained a cadre of such people, many of whom are graduates of our M.Sc. program, and we believe we have a winning formula to ensure that both teaching and research thrive.

Finally, with respect to service, members of the department have had a long history of significant contribution to professional and academic accounting organizations. Whether it be through such activities as participating in the standard setting process or in high profile positions with the Canadian Academic Accounting Association or professional accounting organizations, both provincial and national, such contributions in turn benefit our students through the increased currency of our faculty and program material. Closer to home, faculty have participated in the Volunteer Tax Program in the Saskatoon community for the last 12 years. This program allows our undergraduate accounting students to gain valuable tax and professional experience through the preparation of annual tax returns for approximately 800 seniors and other persons with special needs. Talk about a win-win situation!

In closing, we are proud of our past achievements and are excited about working towards accomplishing our new objectives in the areas of teaching, research and service. The links below will give you access to most things that you might want to know about us. Names and email addresses of contact people for the three programs that we offer are provided at the location of the program description if you would like to obtain more information. Once again, welcome and, as they say, bon voyage!

Ganesh Vaidyanathan
Associate Professor
Head, Department of Accounting