Laddering up from GCL to MBA: Liam Mohanraj explores a non-traditional way to earn the Edwards MBA

Tell me a bit about who you are, where you're from, and which program you're taking.

My name is Liam Mohanraj and I'm from Medicine Hat, Alberta. I am in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the Edwards School of Business at University of Saskatchewan.

What motivated you to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GCL) program?

With the GCL program, my primary goal was to get some graduate level learning under my belt. This program served as a perfect opportunity to transition from undergraduate level learning and into a more intense workload with condensed course schedules. Throughout the three courses and multiple seminars in the program, I came to appreciate the GCL for more than just an opportunity to continue my learning in the MBA program.

Tell me about your experience in the GCL program and how that led you into the MBA program.

The GCL program exposed me to various MBA courses prior to my entry into the MBA program, and I learned critical skills in terms of leadership dynamics, organizational leadership, as well as human resources through the lens of leadership. Aside from what we learned in the classroom, I was able to expand my network and get various professional contacts. Fellow students and the faculty at Edwards pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and grow not just academically, but in terms of my professional and communication skills which inspired me to continue and pursue the Edwards MBA program.

What were some of the extra resources provided by Edwards that helped you?

Coming into the MBA program as a Bachelor of Science student, I felt out of my element in terms of the financial terminology, as well as accounting principles. Extra resources that really aided my transition into the MBA program were the business fundamental courses that the program administrators directed me towards. The courses helped me gain a foundational knowledge base that I could build from throughout the remainder of my program.

What advice would you give to someone considering graduate studies at Edwards?

Enjoy it and don't take any moment for granted. Every interaction is precious, and every person you connect with has something to teach you. If you're seeking expanding your professional skill set, explore all options surrounding internship programs. The Edwards MBA Internship Program (EMIP) allows you to apply knowledge you learn in class, to real-world situations, enhancing what you take away from the program.

What is next for you after you complete your MBA?

I have been looking at potential jobs within Saskatchewan. I have been in Saskatoon seven years, and it now feels like my home. As for goals and progression of my career, I have been considering pursuing other professional programs here at the Edwards School of Business. I believe that adding another designation to the MBA would strengthen my candidacy for future employment.

One of Canada’s oldest business schools, the Edwards School of Business offers graduate programs to advance or change your careers, including the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Master of Business Administration with an internship option. Visit the Graduate Certificate in Leadership or Master of Business Administration program pages to learn more or chat with a staff member.

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